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Understanding Vedic Astrology Readings

Vedic astrology is probably the oldest science of astrology that has retained its quality and value till date. In the Indian subcontinent, the Vedic astrology has a huge influence and is looked up by many people for true guidance in life. Its predictions are immaculate as they deal with calculations performed tediously to arrive at results.

There are many factors that influence the readings and predictions of Vedic astrology. From birth to death of a person Vedic astrology plays a significant role in the life of any ordinary person. It reveals how stars can change the position of a person. How in a moment it can reduce a wealthy person to nothing and a street urchin to a state of absolute luxury and pleasure.

Yearly predictions and daily predictions are made on the basis of the birth “lagna” of a person. Lagna can be defined as the constellation which was predominant in the eastern horizon at the time of the birth of any person, in that time zone and at that place. In Vedic astrology lagna differs by 23 degrees from the position of the rising sun. This is how it is calculated by astrologers who practice Vedic astrology. Lagna actually has a very strong influence on body and the self. It can be precisely said that it is actually the representation of the above mentioned two things.

Another factor that plays a strong role in vedic astrology is the janma rashi. Janma in Indian context means birth. Janma rashi actually signifies the influence of moon at the time of birth of any individual.

Moon and the constellation’s position are extremely significant at the time of your birth. It actually signifies the mind of any individual. Both janma rashi and moon together is responsible for the working of your mind. Thus combining the calculating features of lagna and janma rashi Vedic astrology means to understand the working of human body and mind in complete synchronism.

People who are outside India are advised to give correct inputs of their birth time, zone, place of birth and the coordinates of birth. A 3 dimensional analysis of the birth coordinates gives a clear insight. All the parameters are changed to the local time of a place and the analysis is given accordingly. Always make sure you keep your surroundings clean while reading the Vedic astrology, so hire maids from home cleaning service san antonio tx for best services

Vedic astrology believes in the concept that zero degree of measurement and Aries’ first point never coincides as earth is moving around its inclined axis. A correction factor called the “ayanamasha” factor was introduced to make the calculations easier. Ancient sages used definite techniques to read the correct value of this factor. They were really genius in this field.

Understanding Vedic astrology is no child’s play because it involves intrinsic calculations but this science is very different from m other astrology so it is very interesting to know and find out more on them.

The Lunar Nodes: Desire and Transcendence

“Not long ago I read somewhere that we who study and love this science don’t become astrologers, we become astrology. This aphorism serves to remind us that we are at our best and most effective when we keep ourselves humble and mindful that this knowledge is bigger than any one of us, that ‘astrology is a vast ocean which no one can fathom in one lifetime.’

I personally have found more truth, guidance, hope and redemption in the science of astrology than in any other philosophy or system of divination, and I try to always consider it a gift I have been given.

I feel that I have been blessed by the wisdom and knowledge I have received, and continue to receive, from a series of wise, highly informed and generous teachers. These include Juliana Swanson, Dr. K.S. Charak, Vinay Aditya, Chakrapani Ullal, Gayatri Devi Raman, Penny Farrow and Marc Boney, as well as the books and recordings of Mr. K. N. Rao.

I consider myself first and foremost a student of Vedic Astrology, and a great deal of my studies have occurred in most perfect learning environment imaginable – at the Arshavidya Gurukulam in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. This place of highest learning and inspiration has become my second home, and those of us who have studied Vedic Astrology together there over the past number of years have become my family.

I welcome inquiries regarding any of the astrological services I provide, and thank you for visiting my site”

Read Michael’s latest article (published in the Dec/Jan 2014 issue of The Mountain Astrologer) in which he and Tracy explore how Rahu (north node) and Ketu (south node) can bring wealth, fame and spirituality, as well as addiction and difficulty.

Astrology Never Lies

Contrary to its detractors concerted opinion, Astrology is not superstition. Superstition is more akin to: “If I break a mirror, I will have 7 years bad luck.” or “If a bird flies into my house, someone will die.” or “If I step on a sidewalk crack, I will break my mother’s back.” or “When It’s Christmas and the weather is warm, it will be cold at Easter.”

Those are superstitions. Astrology is not superstition. Not even close. Astrology is a language. It exists. Like Estonian or French. It just plain exists. Like hard boiled eggs or chutney. Now, for some, languages that they do not know and are unable to read or converse in, constitute a sort of threat. When we hear friends chatting in a language that we don’t know and we are present, we almost automatically imagine that they are talking about us. This is a kind of natural paranoia. We cannot understand. So we feel threatened or left out and perhaps even targeted as a victim.

Astrology, like any language, does have to be learned in order to be used. That’s why some people are astrologers and others have other learnèd professions such as doctors. An astrologer might tell you that your Sun in Leo means that you tend to want to be in the spotlight, but if your rising sign is Pisces, that Leo need for the spotlight might be mitigated.

This sort of “diagnosis” is not unsimilar to when a Dr tells you that the lump on your arm looks like a cyst, but if the tests come out positive, it might be something more serious. He looks at the cystic physical evidence, but he also digs further to find out if it might be something more threatening.

Now the language of Astrology has been much squelched and derided by a sector of the population we refer to as “scientists” or , in any case, people who believe that science (another language) is the pathway to understanding every human ill – including mental, emotional and physical ailments – and to conquering and refining and owning whatever commodity is available to man. (Space flight for example or improved hard boiled eggs)

But squelching a language doesn’t always put it out of existence. And Astrology has survived the giant squelch of science and remains a means of communication between peoples and a method of both diagnosing and better understanding the human condition. Astrology is not in competition with science. It’s just there alongside it the way that TV is there alongside the Internet. The two media must co-exist. They cannot afford to be at war. The Internet will win. It’s bigger. And younger. TV knows that the way that Astrology knows that it must coexist with science because if there was a war between them Science would win. It’s bigger. And younger.

Nonetheless, there is wisdom in what is ancient. So Astrology continues to exist. Some people study it and are able to use it in their work and daily lives. Other people don’t study it sufficiently to become astrologers. But they dabble and they enjoy dabbling. Other people (most people) consult astrologers. They are the clients or the patients or the consultees who come to people like me for advice and information about their astrological charts: Who am I? What should I do about my mother-in-law’s interfering in my marriage? How can I get a divorce and keep my children? Why do I not have self-confidence? Where am I making my mistakes and why do I keep making them over and over again?

What some skeptical people (the Science-blinded or prejudiced) don’t know is that the answers to all of those questions are sitting right there in peoples’ astrological charts. Moreover, just because most people don’t know how to read their charts and don’t speak the language or know how to interpret the letters (symbols), doesn’t mean the answers are not there. They are.

Astrology never lies. I have heard it tell me and my clients the truth over and over and over again, thousands of times. A client writes and asks me why she cannot seem to get a husband. She’s young and beautiful and accomplished and owns her own home. Yet, she has nobody to share it with. What should she do?

I find out her birth date, time and place (sometimes she sends me a photo as well) and I do her chart. First thing I note is that she is more accomplished than she let on in her query letter. I know already that she is president of her own company. But she is also an Aries with Leo rising and she was born in a Rooster year. This woman is what my mother used to call “a tough cookie” and a multitalented cookie at that!

She doesn’t bend easily. She is not soulful and won’t listen to whining – even her own. She wants to be in the spotlight (Leo rising) and she is indeed in her own spotlight all the time. She’s also a Rooster which is one of the most successfully non-flexible signs out there. Rigidity lurks in this woman’s chart and has already done some damage to her private life.

But… I look further and…Eureka! This young woman has the Moon in Cancer. She is longing for a home and children and a man to share it with. But, because the Aries and the Rooster and the Leo ganged up and got a hold on her soul (Moon) when she was still very young, she followed them to her own multimillion dollar successful oblivion. She learned how NOT to share and she made her fortune by being ruthless and firm in her opinions. (Aries/Rooster w Leo rising)

It’s gets better. I dig a bit deeper and what do I find? This woman has Venus in Scorpio!

NB: I know. I know. You just don’t get it when we tell you that there’s a planet in some sign or other about which you know less than zero. Why? Because we are speaking to you in a language which is foreign to you. And this time it is about YOU. But we are not trying to hide anyting. You can learn the language too. Nobody is stopping you.

So our young woman has Venus in Scorpio. This means for some astrologers( We are not all alike. Just like doctors… Get a second opinion) that she equates love with sex and mystery and passion. She is hunting for passion and she is only finding suits and ties and expensive trappings. Why?

Because here she is, the president of a thriving software company, owner of her own 3000 sq ft. house and two luxury cars, 35 years old and beautiful and she cannot find a husband – someone to love and be loved by and make a family and a life with.


She’s too strong by half. And she is moreover “attracted” to the wrong kind of suitor. She has always thought she needed “someone like me.” A mensch. A boss person. A leader of men (and women). Balderdash! Two bosses in the same household? check for cleaners at

She needs either a steadying, long-suffering Ox or a lovely, langourous Snake or even a tempestuous Tiger – born in Gemini or Leo or perhaps Sagittarius because she has Mercury (her communication planet) in Sagittarius. And those guys she should be looking for are not necessarily world beaters. They might be teachers or poets or musicians or even weedy scientists who leave their brains in the laboratories when they come home at night. They should not be head honchos. She is the head honcho. She needs soul. So she should find someone with extra soul to share.

Best Astrology Book

When going to an astrologer to have your chart read, one must consider several facts before consulting an astrologer. What kind of system does the astrologer uses, what is his or her qualification and time of practice, and most importantly was the astrologer taught by a guru or are they book read? Why is that it’s important for an astrologer to be looking at the ‘right’ charts? The study of right charts will give the most accurate prediction for the client. There is not just one ‘birth chart’ in astrology, rather many birth charts for every aspect of life. If you want to know about your career, there is a separate chart from the main birth chart. If you want to know about marriage, there is a separate chart. If you want to know about kids, there is also a separate chart. The main birth chart acts as the receiver of a signal, like television for example.

The Divisional chart, which talk about different aspects of life, act like the signal going into the receiver of the television. What good is a television if the single is not there? These are the questions that are asked and answered in the astrology book: Astrology @ The Speed of Light, by Kapiel Raaj. He not only answers some of the most basic questions of astrology, but he dives into the secrets and the Masonic history of astrology which has been a foundation of not just the eastern side of the world, but has been in the DNA of United States since George Washington Era, who was one of the biggest followers of astrology and numerology, through which he crated ‘Freemasons’. This is one astrology book you’ll ever need. Inside this book the master of astrology doesn’t just go into the ABCD technique of astrology, but by the end of the book, you yourself will be an expert at reading charts of not just your own, but anyone you come across.

Astrology is not just about the sun sign, but it’s far more advance and deeper than that. Astrology dives into moon sign, nine planetary signs, aspects, degrees, including 27 constellations that differentiate each person’s fate even though they might be born just seconds apart. These are the minuet details that are shown in inside the book. Even when it comes to Numerology name change, the author shows how to change your name, but most importantly how to bring about the energy of the new name so it can break the energy of the old name that has been with you and will continue to be with you for rest of your life, even with the new name in place. Visit to find online courses.

But there are remedies you can perform to bring the positive energy of the new name. There are so many misconceptions on astrology, signs, and meaning that most people just ignore this divine science. The meaning of signs have also changed throughout time, for example: Libra is not a woman holding a balancer, rather, a man holding a balancer while walking in the market as a ‘business men’, so Libra is not a sign of balance, but a sing of business, or businessmen.

Vedic Astrology All the Way From India

We all know what astrology is and how it can influence our lives. It is an important and elaborate ancient science in which astrologers study the movement of stars and planets with specific reference to ascertain their impact and influence on our lives and well-being. It has three main systems– Vedic, Western and Chinese. Of these, the Vedic system of astrology from India is thought to be the most popular and is believed to be highly accurate by many.

Vedic astrology is independent of the inter-relationship of the Sun and earth. It is based on the position of stars, constellations, planets and their relations with each other. This is drawn from the scientifically validated hypothesis that the earth not only rotates around the Sun but also revolves on its axis, which makes it more accurate than the other methods of astrology.

The Twelve Zodiac Signs of Indian Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, there are twelve zodiac signs, called the twelve “Rashis” in the Hindi language. Each Rashi is ruled by a planet and manifests certain special attributes and personality traits bestowed by that governing planet. In Vedic astrology, calculations are performed on the basis of which zodiac sign in which the Moon was placed at the time of birth of an individual. Unlike Sun signs, Janma Rashi or the Moon sign reveals facts regarding the inner personality and mindset of an individual. This data is used to decipher what decisions individuals may take during their lives.

Planets play an important role in an individual’s life. Apart from the main planets in the solar system, Rahu and Ketu, the two heavenly bodies revered in Indian astrology and the two nodes where the Moon’s elliptical path crosses that of the earth are also important.

Kundali and Vedic Astrology

The birth chart prepared on the basis of the date, time and place of birth is called the “Kundali” or birth chart. The Kundali is given the utmost importance in the Vedic system of astrology and is used to predict the future of an individual. Vedic astrologers also use various divisional charts to diagnose any negative influences the planets may engender in the past, present or future. Astrologers then suggest effective remedies to curb, or even eliminate, if possible, this form of negativity. At the time of wedding, Kundali matching is an important ritual in which the birth charts of both the bride and the bridegroom are assessed and matched for compatibility. A Kundali has twelve houses. Each house is ruled by a different planet. Since there are only nine astrologically recognized planets from a Vedic astrological perspective, some of the houses in a kundali are bound to remain vacant. Each house represents a specific aspect of our lives and a certain part of our body. For instance, the first house, called the “Lagnasthan,” represents physical appearance, complexion, character and the extent to which human beings experience challenges of varying kinds and degrees. This house rules the human head and face.

Dashas in Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is based on the belief that whatever happens to us is the result of our past karmas. The planets and stars work accordingly to respond to our past deeds. The Dashas in Vedic astrology show us how the Karma unfolds in our lives. Although Vedic astrology revolves around multiple systems of negative conditions or “Dashas,” the Vimshottari Dasha is considered the most prominent one. It uses a 120 year cycle in which each planet is the ruler for a specific number of years.

The importance of Muhurtha in Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology not only predicts our future but also helps us with Muhurtha determination. “Muhurtha” can be best described as the auspicious time to perform important actions or events of life. This date and time is determined after a careful and meticulous calculation of the planetary position of the Moon in your Kundali or birth chart. Orchid Maids also helps to counter the malefic effects of planets placed unfavorably in the birth chart.

Kundali, Dasha and Muhurtha are a few petals in the bouquet of flowers that Vedic Astrology has to offer. It is a fact-based science that helps us to learn about the planetary effects on our mental and physical well-being. It helps us to determine our place in the cosmos and live in harmony with heavenly bodies.