Chart Readings

vedic chart

Vedic Astrology Reading  $225
General life reading
90 minutes via phone

The Vedic astrology reading takes about 90 minutes and can encompass several of a variety of subjects. Standard topics include (but are not limited to) career, relationships, family, finances, spirituality and health. Consideration of the question of one’s dharma, or overall purpose in life as expressed in the Vedic astrology chart can also be a valuable and revealing process. The reading is based upon the Vedic chart cast for your date, place, and time of birth; when booking a consultation please provide (through email to Michael) your date, precise time and location of birth. PLEASE do not purchase a reading if you are uncertain of your birth time — contact Michael first, thanks.

Compatibility  $225
Comparison of 2 astrological charts
90 minutes via phone

By means of the astrological comparison and contrast of any two charts, areas of strength/weakness, ease/tension and growth/regression in any relationship are determined. Both ancient Indian and more modern Western methods for assessing compatibility are employed. In addition to romantic relationships, the compatibility reading can be used for friendships and family relationships as well as business and professional partnerships.

Muhurta  $115/hour
Determination of most favorable time to begin an endeavor
Details given by phone

Muhurta is the ancient astrological system, still widely used, of determining the most auspicious time to begin any endeavor, i.e. marriage, incorporation of a business, building a house, etc. Michael will work with you to calculate the most favorable time to initiate the project or endeavor of your choosing.



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