“Thank you for your time, wisdom and compassion. You have been a source of support that I am truly grateful for in this time. You are gifted at what you do and it has been a gift to my life.” – S.J., CA

“When I first heard about Vedic Astrology, I was admittedly skeptical about the whole idea, yet I had been going through a very challenging time and felt desperate for answers to my most pressing questions. After one meeting with another astrologer, I reached out to Michael several months later to “try again.” While his information was mostly the same in our initial session, it was his delivery and insight that has kept me as a dedicated client. He is a skilled astrologer who conveys a clear love for his craft, yet Michael’s background in counseling is often apparent, as he provides a keen sense of patience and attentive support, which have been a true comfort during several complicated transitions. His readings have also been eerily accurate along the way, in terms of my personality and what was coming up the pike. Although I realize that much of my future lies within my own sense of trust for the process, I think of Michael as a spiritual guide who encourages me to believe in myself, develop my strengths and remain on a positive path. I am truly grateful for his presence in my life, not only for the educational aspect, in terms of learning about my chart and its complexity, but for the great kindness and care he brings to his work.” – S.P., NY

“I’ve been reading with Michael for at least 4 years. I have a reading about every 6 months, or unless I’m experiencing things in my life I can’t make reason of. His overview and knowledge of my life and his advice have been extremely valuable. He has such calm, guiding and truly authentic energy. With Michael helping me along this journey, combined with practicing TM, it’s been the best guide for me. He’s really looking at an astrological map of your life, and he knows how to read it and give advice based on what he’s reading. I’ve made some big life changes based on what he has told me. He’s been right on all accounts as well, when I look back. I have my sessions recorded so I can listen to them again. It’s pretty cool. If you have an opportunity to spend any time with Michael, I highly recommend you do. I’ve had him read the charts of other people in my life as well. Having Michael read the chart of a loved one can also help give you a huge bird’s eye view of the larger picture that you are living in. Thank you Michael for all you have helped me with and for being such a guiding light. Looking forward to my next reading!” – K.H., CA

“I’ve had a few sessions with other Jyotish experts over the last 20 years. Michael offered the most helpful Jyotish session I’ve ever had. His insights and connections regarding my past tendencies in work and relationships were profound and accurate. His analysis of future possibilities and trends rings true with my own intuition. My time with Michael gave clarity and direction for some progressive action on my part. Plus, he was very generous with his time and made sure we covered all my burning questions.” – D.P., OH

“The reading allowed me to relax even deeper into the moment.  I feel that Michael was very accurate with everything he was saying.  There are not many people that I feel comfortable asking for advice but I know that I can always trust Michael’s integrity and wisdom.  Thank you.” – P.W., CA

“From the first moment I contacted Michael for a reading I found him to be knowledgeable, extremely professional, and exceptionally kind.  I was unsure of what to expect, but he put me at ease and I felt as if I was talking with an old friend that already knew me.  Michael’s insight into my attributes, as well as behavior that could be holding me back was very insightful. He made sure that I understood everything as we went through the reading and I appreciated the details.  I would recommend contacting Michael if you are facing major life decisions or desiring a greater understanding of yourself.  It was extremely helpful and valuable.”  – S.G., CA

“Michael Sugarman, a generous and loving soul, gives me insight and guidance that are illuminating and wise. His readings always leave me feeling intrigued and in awe about the journey of my soul and life.”   – J.C., MA

“Actually, I thought of writing this testimonial the other day when I burned my hand pretty badly and remembered, years ago and again recently, that Michael cautioned me to be careful about the possibility of burning my hand. I’m not even surprised anymore when something happens, and I suddenly or later realize Michael had mentioned it would, because I’ve gotten so used to his readings being in line with reality and the future. It’s surreal to be in graduate school four years after Michael told me I would wind up back at school for architecture. Just as surreal was the experience of listening to the recording in 2013 that he sent me of my reading back in 2011, and realizing that he had predicted what field I would be working in, not only right after I graduated but years down the line — one of which I never imagined I would be in and the other I had always wanted but never spoke about to anyone. However, of course, it was obvious to him through my chart.

There’s something bigger out there and Michael is tapped into it 100%.”   – L.H., RI

“I had my first appointment with Michael last year because I was feeling really stuck in my life, both personally and professionally. I immediately felt at ease as soon as we started talking on the phone. He had such a reassuring and calming manner while he presented me the exact information I was seeking. Last summer, he indicated that I would be moving southwest which I couldn’t imagine at that time. Several months later, we had a second reading and the idea came up again. As soon as I started opening up to it and researching the area he suggested, things started falling into place beautifully. I am very excited for this new move and have no doubt that it is absolutely the right decision for me. I would never have been able to make such an unexpected transition with Michael’s advice and encouragement. I very grateful that I found him when I did. I highly recommend his services!”   – J.N., CA

“I have found the insights provided to me through Michael Sugarman to be invaluable to me personally.   So much so, that I refer many of my patients to him.  I find Jyotish particularly helpful for those who are going through transitions in life and want a deeper understanding of life.”   – S.C., CA

“Michael’s readings are not only full of  integrity, wisdom and compassion.  His clear dedication to the art of astrology, his lifelong passion for the human soul, and his innate ability to see the deeper layers make him stand out as a stellar astrologer.   His wise and thoughtful teachings have served as sacred tools during my personal excavation process.  The readings I have received with Michael have been nothing short of life enriching.  I have sought Michael’s wise counsel through relationship transitions, parenting dilemmas and personal upheaval.  I always come away feeling inspired and heartened.  Michael connects the dots of astrology, soul growth and personality patterns and offers concrete steps forward to create true transformation.  Michael is a true teacher – and offers far more than a typical astrology reading.”   – S.F., VT

“We were referred to Michael several years ago by our Ayurvedic physician. The insight into our physical health, emotional health, & family dynamics has been invaluable to us in our quest for optimum physical and mental health, & general well being. It is constantly amazing to us how this ‘ancient’ practice is so timely & applicable to our lives today! We are so thankful to have been connected to Michael & his gifted work!”   – R.B., CA

“Working with Michael was a pleasure. This was my first Jyotish reading and I had an amazing time. I spent the majority of the time with my mouth open in pure amazement at how accurate his findings were. I must admit, I was skeptical about the process to begin with but after my time with Michael, I am a believer in how powerful having your birth chart can be and how useful it is to have such knowledge to help you create your best life. Thanks Michael for a wonderful reading!”   – U.E., MD

“Michael has a very compassionate and gentle way as he tells your story. His approach is objective, thoughtful, and very non-judgmental. He provides details in the context of Vedic mythology which help you to feel connected to the greater universe. The experience of the Jyotish reading with Michael has influenced my life beyond what I could describe with just words. So, take a look for yourself at www.thefloridamaids.com/. The process of going through a Jyotish reading has had a deeper effect than just hearing the information; rather it helps you to come to certain realizations that are essential to your personal development. Life has become much easier to understand. I find that I am less confused and taken off guard by more difficult situations. I now look at obstacles with excitement at what they will bring in the future rather than dread.” – L.H., CA

“Michael has been reading my and my husband’s chart for several years, and when we had our first baby, he read her chart as well. Prior to working with Michael, I had worked with a couple psychics and amateur Western astrologists but no one came even close to Michael’s level of mastery of his craft. We consider Michael an essential source of spiritual and life guidance, turning to him regularly to help our family through everything from house hunting, timing of children, major career decisions, etc. His timing is also extremely accurate. Thanks to Michael’s insight, specificity and depth we trust his counsel above all else.”   – R.D., MN

“Most people look at astrology as offering a guide for what the future might look like. But when I consulted with Michael Sugarman, his expertise helped explain my past. He unlocked the mystery of my life. His psychological training combined with his years of Vedic astrological study makes him a potent interpreter of how the position of planets and stars affect our lives.”   – A. S., CA

“My first reading with Michael Sugarman was in 1995.  His accuracy about past and present was amazing.  But the most impressive part is that when some time had passed, I was able to experience  his predictions come to fruition time and time again.  I have since depended for almost twenty years on Michael’s powerful readings and his recommendations to smooth out transitions.  I have seen even the most unlikely specifics of readings come true, and have been grateful that Michael prepared me for them.  The beauty in having these readings is that Michael is able to interpret with kindness and care, the astrological implications of all aspects of my life in intricate detail at times, so I understand what is going on with relationships, finances, career, emotional health, travel, safety, influences of others, and more.  He delivers each reading with a respect for my individuality and a growing understanding of my personality and life challenges. He provides remedies and suggestions that leave me feeling empowered and at the same time more accepting and less anxious about the ways the stars influence my life.  Expect to meet an incredible, insightful, knowledgeable, compassionate genius who will get to know you, remember you, and who will help you navigate your individual journey with more joy and ease.  Highest recommendation!!!”   – E.S., NY

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