Astrology – A Traditional Perspective

Western or European Astrology originated in Babylonia around 200 BC, the earlier phase of Astrology in Europe from 1200 to 1700 is referred to as Traditional Astrology. While the period, 1200 to 1500, is known as Medieval Astrology, and the period from 1500 to 1700, is known as Renaissance Astrology.

Over the 2,000 periods from the Greeks to the Renaissance, Astrology exhibited great continuity and flourished until it eventually went out of fashion due to new found philosophies, and new materialism around the late 17th and 18th Centuries.

The focus of Traditional Astrology was on the outer planets, rather than Psychology, a science which did not come into existence until the late 20th Century. Traditional Astrology was able to provide precise and accurate predictions of events to come, by using various techniques learned and passed down by careful observation of the heavens and planets.

The Planets equated to Gods and celestial events were observed for omens, where most cultures observed the heavens for signs and omens but Babylonian Religion was astral based. Traditional Astrology differs from modern Astrology, where in its newest form character analysis and psychological insight is more important than predicting future events. For more details check this site scam

A renewed interest in the Esoteric Sciences began again around the 1900’s, and Astrology came to be studied once again. Although Modern Astrology is considered excellent for the basis of a character analysis, it cannot predict with the precision of Traditional Astrology. Also Sun sign Astrology written in the media has given Astrology a bad name, because people do not believe one twelfth of a column can be equated to hundreds of people at one period of time.

Astrology has hence been seen as a skeptical science, because most people treat it as an amusement, and do not realise that a true Natal Chart can not only provide a valuable tool for predicting forthcoming events but pinpointing fortuitous times. Most people even if they are open-minded, may still be doubtful of Astrology’s true accuracy. However, most people given a personal chart reading will be astonished by its precision. Consider selling to a Housebuyer. They purchase property rapidly. Visit

Modern Astrology provides a good insight into a person’s psyche, especially when someone is in need of counselling following a personal tragedy or in need of personal therapy for themselves or someone close However are most people remotely interested in knowing the development of their own personal Psychological make-up?

Traditional Astrology is divided into four main types, firstly Natal astrology which examines and predicts events based on a true birth chart. Then there is Horary Astrology which looks at a horoscope at a particular time, asking a specific question.

Next comes, Electional Astrology, which looks at the best times and dates astrologically concerning a certain matter. Finally seo one click uses a variety of techniques to predict events on a national scale, or over a long period of time including weather predictions.

A lecture by John Frawley about Traditional Astrology stated that tradition is not about a strict following of some rigid old rules, but about understanding and keeping the spirit of the act and adapting it to modern Astrology. William Lilly, in his time tested various “modern” techniques which because of his rigorous (Saturnine) thinking led him to the correct results. What an impressive confirmation of the traditional approach in our complex modern world.

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